Little Things: First Trimester


Yesterday, we took a mini road trip (yes, 50 minutes in the car with a baby becomes a mini road trip) to see our good friend who is now 10 weeks pregnant. Visiting with her brought back memories from a little over a year ago when I was in that same boat. Hearing about her current feelings, ideas, and ailments made me want to share what helped me through my first trimester.

The Little Things
Being comfortable was so important especially because I was already starting to feel bloated.

I used this Fuji Instax to document belly growth.

I chugged bottles and bottles of this water to relieve nausea.

Getting pregnant opened up so many doors to things that I had to learn about. This documentary made me more knowledgeable about the birthing process and gave me a starting point in understanding the kind of birth I wanted. 

I liked that these were vegan, all natural, and food based.

I found myself eating a lot of baby food because I had food aversions that shifted day to day. 

Taking this class early on in pregnancy really, REALLY helped me prepare for birth! I would recommend this to every pregnant mama.

Mommy mode kicked in, like when Lucy Ricardo was pregnant, and I started crocheting little toys.

The Big Things
Lots of relaxation and happiness! I was lucky to be on summer break during my first trimester so that helped with that a lot!

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