Little Things: Second Trimester


Last week, I did a "Little Things" feature on things that I loved during my first trimester, so today, I wanted to do one for my second trimester. To be honest though, I don't really think there was much that I absolutely needed because my second trimester was a lot better than the first. Either way, here are some things that I'd like to share that still remind me of my second trimester. Enjoy!

The Little Things
This book was amazing! I read it once during my second trimester, and another time during my third. It really helped me prepare for my birth because it was so specific to the kind of birth I wanted.

This band helped me fit into my pre-pregnancy pants!

This is the most comfortable bra ever, and you can continue to wear it after the baby comes since it's a nursing bra.

This water bottle kept hot liquids warm for 6 hours! Perfect for my ginger tea that I'd drink all day, every day.

To keep that stretching belly moisturized!

I had this with me at all times to combat chapped lips.

The Big Things
Eating right! I was very strict with what I ate, and to this day I still attribute baby M's good newborn health to my pregnancy eating habits.

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