Post Baby Capsule Wardrobe: The Donate Pile


Last week, I talked about my super cluttered closet filled with clothes of identities past (read about it here) and how I wanted to simplify with a capsule wardrobe. This week, I got started by taking everything out of my closet that I absolutely don't wear and will not be wearing. This is the donate pile:
38 dresses
10 skirts
7 tops
17 cardigans and sweaters

Having slight hoarding tendencies, some of this was not easy.  I mean, what if I go to Vegas sometime soon? I don't want to buy a going-out dress that I already own! Or what about that Kate Spade dress that I (shouldn't have) bought when I was 12 weeks pregnant? I've never even worn it and it doesn't even fit (yet, hopefully). What am I supposed to do with it? For now, I think I'll just store the maybes, and next week, I'll tackle seasonal storage items. With a baby, a big project like this can only get done little by little, but for me that's a good thing since it helps to have those breaks in between to think about my choices. Until next time!

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