Post Baby Capsule Wardrobe: Introduction


This is my side of the closet. 

When we moved in last November, I knew that I wanted to simplify my wardrobe and pare things down so that everything would actually fit. So I made piles and piles of clothes and donated them just like that. I had a lot of dresses and skirts that were way too short and being a first grade teacher at the time, didn't find much use in them anymore. I also had a lot of night-time, going-out-attire that I'd wear when I was living in Taipei and would spend almost every night out playing darts or going to shows. Had to get rid of those too. I also had a bunch of dresses that I'd wear when playing shows and since I never wanted to repeat a dress, I had a ton of these one-time-use dresses that were cute but not really anything I'd wear now. Those, I think, are still mixed in there somewhere, because I just couldn't let go of something I had only worn once.

My wardrobe constantly reflected my life, and so when I moved to San Francisco to become a teacher, I started accumulating a lot of cardigans, peter pan collared shirts, and clothes that made it easy to move around in like vintage shirt-dresses and a-line skirts. But now that I've quit my job to be a stay at home mom, wearing skirts aren't the best idea when I'm always sitting on the floor with a baby. 

Once again, my life has changed. Just in the last twelve months, I went from a professional to pregnant lady and now a nursing mother who is not back to pre-pregnancy weight. From the standpoint of who I am today, I would say that 95% of my wardrobe does not work for me. If I can't nurse in it, it doesn't work. If I can't fit in it, it doesn't work. If it makes me look way too young, it doesn't work. How in the world can I have a closet full of clothes and also have nothing to wear at the same time? 

This is why I've decided to simplify even further and create a capsule wardrobe that fits my new life.
New needs, new style, new size. 

In the next weeks, I will be carrying out a mass exodus in my closet and documenting it. By doing so,  I hope to declutter my closet, as well as gain new pieces that can redefine who I am so I don't feel so left out when looking at the clothes in my closet.

To find out more on capsule wardrobes, you can check out:
this wikipedia article 
caroline from unfancy (and amazing examples of her capsule wardrobe, as well as tutorials, planners, etc)
the project 333's definition

Stay tuned!


  1. good luck on revamping the wardrobe! as a teacher, I am beginning to hoard a growing collection of cardigans that would otherwise not be my style at all. so interesting how style morphs with your stage in life!

    1. Yes, I definitely agree! And I didn't even hoard nice cardigans either! What am I gonna do with a bunch of fuzz-ball-y cheap cardis??!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. After a couple of lines into reading your post I was going to suggest in this comment for you to read Un-Fancy, but you're already onto that one! After reading her blog I definitely spent a lot of time considering her approach and applying it to my summer wardrobe. After I had my little girl I got rid of so many clothes that I knew would be pretty much useless to me for the following year after giving birth so I donated them. And now I'm hoping to replenish my wardrobe and get back into the swing of things.

    Lauren / And Together We

    1. I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone! And yes! Un-Fancy is amazing, right?! Thank you for the comment! I think I may follow your lead and make another mass donation rather than my original idea of storing until they fit again.... best to just start fresh and new!

  3. Hi! (Nee Hao),

    I've just discovered your blog after you left a comment on Love Taza's blog... Working my way down the archives... Yup read all of them one by one... I just got excited after reading this post, so thought I'll subscribe and leave a comment here :-)

    Your baby is veryyy cute! And you come from Taipei... yayy to that! I've stayed in Taipei for sometime when my husband stayed and worked there... Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog posts :-)

    Shilpa (from India)

    1. Hi Shilpa!

      That's so cool that you stayed in Taipei as well! I miss the food a lot sometimes!

      Thank you so much for reading!!!


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