Weekly Wishlist: Under $30


I know my weekly wishlists can be quite extravagant, casually listing Balenciaga and Saint Laurent handbags and all (I mean, it is called a wishlist), so this week I thought I'd try something new and put together a look with each item under $30.  

To be honest, I think $40 or $50 would have been easier, $30 was quite a challenge! Finding quality clothing at that price just isn't that easy to do anymore. I made a promise to myself recently to not give in to fast fashion finds. Sure, they're affordable, but they don't last very long! I'd rather spend a little more for pieces that last in durability and style trends or invest in a long-term purchase with a high resale value (handbags!). Nevertheless, I think this still can be achieved at $30, it just takes a little bit of work!



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  1. I'm just loving the black sweatshirt and leather pants! Great taste! x

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