Post Baby Capsule Wardrobe: An Update


A few weeks ago, I took on the capsule wardrobe challenge (read about it here). The first step was to clean out my closet. Check! I ended up with a bunch of clothes in the donate pile. Then, I got distracted and started repurposing some of the clothes that I said were going to donation bins, oops and oops again! And then I got distracted again by my love affair with my retired vintage dresses!

 Today, I am finally getting back into focus and I'm putting clothes into storage. These are items that I'm not wearing right now, but might wear once the weather changes.

For example, shorts! It is not nearly warm enough for shorts, ever, in San Francisco, but I'd like to keep these for my trips down to Southern California to visit my family. Also, thin short sleeved cardigans to wear over sleeveless tops, and lastly... thermal shirts for layering! Goodbye, seasonal clothes! Hello, more space in the closet!

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