Post Baby Capsule Wardrobe: Vintage Dresses


Years and years ago, I started collecting vintage dresses because they are so cute and I loved wearing them. Nowadays, as much as I love them, they just aren't practical for everyday mama-wear. Most require dry cleaning, a lot them are not flexible for picking a baby off the floor or bending down to clean up under the high-chair, and some of the materials they're made of just aren't breathable or as comfortable as say, joggers or leggings. 

I mean, don't get me wrong, vintage dresses are amazingly cute and I love them, but they just don't fit my lifestyle anymore. If I spent most of my time out to dinners and movies then I'd wear them everyday, but sadly, I don't. So what do I do with these beautiful dresses? I can't just donate them, they are too precious! However, in an effort to simplify my closet, I think I will need to sell these eventually. 

Since I don't have time to do that just yet, for now, let's just admire them before I literally hang them up for good. Behold! A visual ode to my dresses of memories past!

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