Gift Guide: Babies 0-6 Months


Still need to get last-minute gifts for the babies in your life, but don't know what to get? Here is another gift guide that I put together for babies 0-6 months old. These are all items that I would get for my own baby, and items that I feel are developmentally appropriate and engaging. I hope you guys find it helpful! It's ok! With 2-day shipping (or even same day shipping!) you still have time!

See my 6-12 month guide here!

1. soft crinkly book $16.50

2. baby beads $12.06

3. wooden baby gym $53.49

4. animal shakers $19.76
(Mars loves his llama shaker!)

5. montessori toys $29.99
(I would love to have these for Mars!)

6. wobbly stacker $29.24

(Babies love making music!)

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