Gift Guide: Babies 6-12 Months


If you're still stumped on what to get for the babies in your life, here are some helpful ideas based on what my little 10 month old would enjoy. I hope you find this helpful! I wanted to choose items that were not super popular (I mean, every baby already has Sophie), have multiple uses, and don't require power. Also, these picks are engaging without being loud and plastic-y!  Stay tuned for the 0-6 months guide later this week!

1. discovery blocks $24.69

2. baby piano $44.99
(We just bought three of these as used to be $60!)

3. discovery box $39.99

4. wooden walker $39.99
(Our niece loves this one!)

5. pop up fire truck $16.50

6. xylophone bench $21.21

7. stacking xylophone $35.81

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