Happy Saturday!


Mars is 11 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days old.

Today, we took him to get his first professional haircut. I cut his hair the first two times and was not so happy with the outcome so this time, we decided to go to a professional.

Here is the before:

His haircutter was super nice and really quick. She definitely knew how to get the job done without upsetting him.

He did pretty well until the end when I stepped away to take this picture. He is in mid-shriek.

The whole thing lasted about 8.5 minutes and here is the after picture: 

Super cute and ready for his first birthday party coming up!

Some notes on Mars talking:

 1. He has been saying, "mama" a lot more. Usually when I'm not around and he's looking for me, he'll say, "mama". 
2. This week, he's been saying, "diko, diko, diko" when we tickle him and say, "tickle, tickle, tickle".
3. He's also been saying different variations of that word with, "dika", or "taka". 
4. Today, he was pointing at Porkchop and saying, "woo woo!", a Chinese baby word for dog.

...and I gotta go now because he just spit up on my neck! 

Stamped Onesie


This is a project I made for Mars before he was born, and before we even knew if he was a boy or a girl. It's a super easy way to decorate a plain onesie and all you need are

onesies (or in my case, side-snap tees)
fabric paint
a scrap piece of felt
and stamps.

First, you put some fabric paint in a dish, then cover it with a piece of felt. This will create an ink pad so that you don't get too much paint on your stamp. Then, stamp away!

In the above image, I used a store-bought tree stamp, but you can make your own designs too. For the next one, I made a triangle stamp out of an old eraser.

I love the pattern the triangles make. It reminds me of jack-o-lantern eyes and teeth! 

And here's newborn Mars, sleeping soundly in his hand-stamped tee that mama made!

Personalized Banner with Paint Chips


Paint chips are awesome for crafting. They're thicker than card stock, they come in just the right colors you need, and they have a nice finish to them. Oh, and they're FREE! I made this for Mars' upcoming birthday, but you can make them for any occasion.

To make a personalized banner like this, you need

paint chips
letters for tracing or stencils (optional, you can freehand the letters if you'd like)
embroidery floss
a needle
a pencil
and scissors.

First, trace and cut out the letters you need.

Next, arrange them together in order.

Then, use a needle and thread them together with embroidery floss.
Hang it up, and enjoy!

Happy Friday!


Mars is 11 months, 1 week, and 2 days old.

His hair is getting out of control, but I don't have it in me to get it cut again. I trimmed the front the other day, but for now, that's as far as I'll go!

These past couple of days have been rough for Mars because he's teething. His bottom two teeth surprised us when they came in because they didn't affect him at all. This time, however, is a different story. He's been a lot more clingy and gets upset easily. The other day, he pushed his toy off the table and that made him really sad. He even made that super cute pouty face. Last night, he woke up every 30 minutes to an hour and just scream-cried. During a play-date today, he got freaked out by a Kermit the Frog puppet that bit his finger. I feel so bad for him and just want him to get better soon. Poor baby. 

Plane Rides with a Baby


A picture of Mars mid-change on the plane, taken on my phone.

So far, Mars has been on ten plane rides. Four of which were very short, 1 hour rides to Southern California, four were to Costa Rica (one roundtrip journey, broken into four 3 hour rides), and these past two 11-14 hour long rides to Taiwan.

I always dread the plane ride right before we get on and feel extremely nervous about how Mars is going to do. Our trip back from Costa Rica was not that long, but I remember being very close to losing it because Mars wouldn't sleep and was getting overstimulated by all the passengers sitting around us, trying to play with him. With that being the trip right before our long 14-hour flight, I was terrified and was expecting the worst. 

However, things turned out great! I would even say that it was a very pleasant experience. Mars did very well and didn't cry or scream or anything like that! I'd give him all the credit because he generally is a very happy baby, but I can't say that my preparations didn't contribute either :) A mom recommended I bring some Benedryl "just in case", but in the end we didn't even need it, and I'm glad we decided against drugging our baby for convenience.

Here are my top 5 tips for flying with baby:

1. Make sure to get bulkhead seats!
I called a month ahead of time to get a bassinet, but it seems like none of that got communicated to the airline, however it was good to say, "I called a month earlier to request it and...". We asked at check-in for seats, and we asked again at the gate for seats. At first they said that the flight was full and there was nothing that they could do, but in the end, they were able to switch some things around and get us the front row seats. These seats played a major role in making us feel so comfortable on our flight! 
On our flight there, we sat at the bulkhead seats on the left window side. On the way back, we had aisle seats in the middle row. I'd recommend the side window seats if possible. There were times during the flight when I put down a blanket and let Mars sit on the ground and crawl around. It was also nice to sit down there to switch things up after getting tired of sitting in one position. Being by the window also offered more privacy for easy nursing. 

2. Pack more baby snacks and toys than you think you'll need!
I brought two mesh bags full of toys and one big bag of snacks. When packing the toys, I made sure to pack many different textures, rattles, and uses. I even got this new vibrating teether and introduced it to him on the plane. That kept him busy for a while. A few times, Mars would throw toys behind our seats so I was glad to have extra. Same goes for the snacks. Having extra snacks came in handy when he would drop his cracker on the floor because the five second rule does not apply on an airplane. Those seats and floors are filthy!

3. Anything can be a new toy to keep baby busy!
When Mars needed a new distraction, the headphones in the seat pocket came in handy as something new to explore. When the flight attendants were serving drinks, we asked for extra cups (hot and cold!) for Mars to play with (as pictured above). The blanket they provide was great for peek a boo, and the pillow kept him busy for a short while as well!

4. An inflatable nursing pillow adds a lot more comfort!
On our Costa Rica flights, I remember my arm losing circulation and getting really sore from holding the baby. This time around, we got an inflatable My Breast Friend and it made a huge difference! It takes up a lot of space when inflated so the trick is to not blow it up all the way so that it fits in you seat. 

5. A nursing cover can help block distractions for a good nap.
I used my nursing cover to help battle distractions on the plane when it was time for a nap. Mars was really interested in everything that was going on since being on a plane is still new for him so covering him up for nap time was a must. Sometimes, he'd still pop his head out and it was funny and cute so we didn't mind :) 

Those are my top 5 suggestions for traveling with a lap infant. 5 because I can really go on and on with this one (For example, babywearing, packing, preboarding, etc!) If anyone has any other good ideas, please don't be shy and comment below! Happy travels!

An Update!


Has it almost been a month already?! My apologies for the lack of posts... Christmas came and went so quickly and right after, we were off to Taiwan! Upon our return, we've been battling some extreme jet lag and I just haven't found the time to post. But I'm here now! And here's a quick Christmas update before it's really too late! 

On Christmas Eve, the in laws came over and we had a big dinner along with some present opening. I made some roasted butternut squash, parmesan and rosemary sweet potato stacks, and some other sides. My flourless chocolate cake fell apart so I put the pieces in crystal glasses with graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows and turned it into s'mores cups! After dinner we crowded around the TV for a screening of The Interview, and about half-way through, Mars and I went to bed.

On Christmas morning, we let Mars open up his remaining presents, and boy was this baby lucky on his first Christmas! After typing all this out, it seems that we didn't really do much on baby's first Christmas, but I feel like we were busy this whole season with activities so it's not so bad. 

The day after Christmas, we left for Taiwan, and after we got back, we put away the ornaments, the tree, and the decorations. It's always sad when the holiday season ends. September through December are always my favorite months, and a friend and I were joking the other day that now, it's just the normal time of the year again. Booring! Until next time, Christmas! I can't wait to see you again!
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