Stamped Onesie


This is a project I made for Mars before he was born, and before we even knew if he was a boy or a girl. It's a super easy way to decorate a plain onesie and all you need are

onesies (or in my case, side-snap tees)
fabric paint
a scrap piece of felt
and stamps.

First, you put some fabric paint in a dish, then cover it with a piece of felt. This will create an ink pad so that you don't get too much paint on your stamp. Then, stamp away!

In the above image, I used a store-bought tree stamp, but you can make your own designs too. For the next one, I made a triangle stamp out of an old eraser.

I love the pattern the triangles make. It reminds me of jack-o-lantern eyes and teeth! 

And here's newborn Mars, sleeping soundly in his hand-stamped tee that mama made!

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