Happy Friday!


Mars is 1 year, 1 week, and 5 days old.

His fourth tooth has been trying to cut through so he's been having small fits here and there. Currently, he has learned how to break out of baby jail and do all kinds of dangerous things. As I type, he is walking his tricycle by the handlebars backwards. He can also climb up the stairs on his own pretty well, and occasionally, he likes to slap the glasses off my face... 

But onto sweeter things... he likes to play peek-a-boo any chance he gets, his favorite food right now is a ground beef and cheese crescent roll that I baked, he loves reading pop-up books, he likes to play "throw the ball", he puts all his legos in our hands if we cup them and hold them out to him, and he constantly talks to us in a baby language that we don't understand. :)

Happy Monday!


Fuji Superia 200 Film
Mars is 1 year, 1 week, and 2 days old.

These pictures were taken in our backyard a couple days after he turned one. Since then, he's been learning so many new things. It's like he's growing twice as fast now! On the day after his birthday, we tried to get him to walk with his little walker but he was unable to support himself in a standing position. The next day, however, he was just able to do it and could walk all around the house! 

Chinese New Year was this past week and we had dinner with the in laws. After dinner, he was learning how to throw and give. It was really cute :) . 

Mars turning one also means that we are turning one as parents. I'm pretty proud of ourselves for not doing a horrible job and for how we stepped up to the plate, researching and learning everything so that we can make the best decisions. Hooray, Mars! Your mom and dad are doing a good job so far! 

On 35mm: Elephant Mountain


A juice vendor at the base of the mountain:

My mom and my niece:

The temple right before the steps up:

A view from the top:

Fuji Superia 200 Film

Well Said 1


Been feeling this a lot lately. I have a hundred things I'd like to do but not enough time!

Smash Cake Toppers


For Mars' first birthday, I made a smash cake according to this recipe. Afterwards, I had a hard time thinking of ways to decorate it since I am not anything close to a pastry chef. In the end, I decided on plain, smoothed out frosting, and tinsel pipe cleaner letters.

To make the letters, you need

a ruler
tinsel pipe cleaners

First, think about how big you want each letter to be. I decided on 2 inches based on the size of the 'm∆uu…≥÷ bpcake. After you've decided, plan out your letter next to a ruler.

Next, bend the pipe cleaner very carefully to form your letter. Remember to stay within your ruler bounds, and to bend throughout every curve. If you run out of pipe cleaner, just attach another by twisting the two ends into each other.

Lastly, trim, top, and enjoy! 

*Bonus Tip*
If the store doesn't carry candles that match your theme, just paint them like I did!

On 35mm: Around My Aunt's House in Taipei


A vegetable garden among apartment buildings:

Clothes being hung to dry:

Getting breakfast every morning:

Fuji Superia 200 Film

Mars is One!


I can't believe how fast this day came and went. We had a fun time celebrating with family and friends, and Mars especially enjoyed his smash cake!

Quick update: In just the past week, he's been doing lots of new things. He started waving at people, he said, "Uh oh" a couple of times after dropping something, and he raises his hands up if he wants you to pick him up. He's still pointing at things, and he still dances whenever he hears music. 

I thought I'd get really sentimental and cry on his birthday, but to be honest, it was such a busy day that I didn't really have time to get sentimental. Instead, we just had a lot of fun!

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