Smash Cake Toppers


For Mars' first birthday, I made a smash cake according to this recipe. Afterwards, I had a hard time thinking of ways to decorate it since I am not anything close to a pastry chef. In the end, I decided on plain, smoothed out frosting, and tinsel pipe cleaner letters.

To make the letters, you need

a ruler
tinsel pipe cleaners

First, think about how big you want each letter to be. I decided on 2 inches based on the size of the 'm∆uu…≥÷ bpcake. After you've decided, plan out your letter next to a ruler.

Next, bend the pipe cleaner very carefully to form your letter. Remember to stay within your ruler bounds, and to bend throughout every curve. If you run out of pipe cleaner, just attach another by twisting the two ends into each other.

Lastly, trim, top, and enjoy! 

*Bonus Tip*
If the store doesn't carry candles that match your theme, just paint them like I did!


  1. aww what a cute cake (and a boy) and how i wish i could dig into it like that hehe

    1. Thanks, Annie! My name is Annie too!


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