5 Favorites: 9-12 Months


A super cute way to introduce the toothbrush.

This is a fun toy for playing make-believe.

This cup is great for transitioning and learning to drink from a cup.

Seeing Mars take his first assisted steps with this thing was amazing!

These are fun for an infant who can't stack blocks on their own yet.

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6-9 month favorites


On 35mm: Throwback


Sad news: the one-hour photo that's within walking distance to my house updated their machines and got rid of the 35mm processing :( My current roll  just got sent out and won't be ready for 4-5 days. This means that this Monday's 35mm pic will be a throwback from 2009, my grad school days. Also known as the days when I still had a bunch of Agfa Ultra 100 film in the freezer. Those were the days!

When Chewie was still a young pup:

My apartment near UCSD:

And I remember this roll of film got cut really weird and unintentionally made mini diptychs that were kind of fun:

Happy Weekend!


Mars is 1 year, 2 months, 1 week, and 4 days old!

For the past two Saturdays, J and I have been taking brunch dates while Mars' grandparents watch him. It's been nice to have time for the two of us and extra nice to be able to just eat without worrying about a baby trying to stand up in a high chair. Funny thing though... we end up just talking about Mars and watching videos or looking at pictures of him the whole time. 

5 Favorites: 6-9 Months


What was going on for Mars when he was 6-9 months? To be honest, I had to go back to my blog archive for a refresher and here's the answer: TEETHING and EATING SOLIDS and CRAWLING!

Here are my top picks that got us through these times:

The cutest part was watching him figure it out for the first time.
(It's also on sale right now!)

The best invention ever! He loves this straw cup and can drink from it at any angle.

Having a ball that didn't roll too far was the perfect motivator for a baby learning to crawl.

These are perfect for handmade baby foods on the go.

It was so much fun to watch his eyes light up whenever the animals made a sound in this book.

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Five Favorites: 3-6 Months


Last week, I shared some of my newborn favorites; five items that were too specific to be on the usual newborn checklists. This week, I'm bringing you five more items for babies 3-6 months. These are things that I've personally shopped around for, tested, and completely recommend. For example, when Mars' scratch mittens started to get stinky and gross, I knew it was time to start cutting his little fingernails. I tried two different nail clippers but just never felt completely confident with what I was doing until I got these light-up ones! They made cutting his nails a breeze and I make sure to include it in every baby shower gift that I give! These nail clippers, and other items with similar stories, are on this week's Five Favorites:

I love these!

These little board books are perfect for babies just learning to hold things, as they are not too heavy or big.

The long arms and legs on this pirate pig makes it easy for babies to grab. It was one of the first toys Mars learned to hold.

For the little music maker.

5. teether
This teether kept my little teether's gums busy and happy.

On 35mm: At Home


Fuji Superia 200 Film

Drooling and trying to climb under the bench.

Happy Friday!


Mars is 1 year, 1 month, 3 weeks, and 6 days.

Lately he's been testing boundaries, being a big goofball, and acting super sweet. Climbing on the shelves, dancing to the closing credits of TV shows, and leaning in for kisses. He can be a handful but I'm enjoying every moment of it. Also, it doesn't hurt that the weekend is finally here :) 

Five Favorites: 0-3 Months


Preparing to bring home a newborn for the first time can be stressful! When I was pregnant I searched the internet over and over for newborn "must haves" and checklists. I combined a lot of the "essential" items into one large spreadsheet, and once I had all the items, I thought I was prepared. But then the baby came and we realized that we needed some items that were too specific to be on any of those lists. Here are five newborn items that were left off many lists, but I found extremely helpful. If you are expecting, or know someone who is, I hope this list saves you some time and stress and helps you feel a little more prepared! 

The side snaps make changing a delicate newborn so much easier!

An infant car seat just feels way too big for newborns. This helps keep them snug and secure. 

I felt a lot better putting something completely natural and free of chemicals in my delicate newborn's mouth.

Newborns are still too young to play with toys, but they do enjoy sitting back and listening and watching these dangling chimes.

Mars loved looking at the contrasting pictures in this book, and would follow them with his eyes.

Happy Belated Easter!


Mars is 1 year, 1 month, 3 weeks, and 1 day old.

We didn't do anything Easter related again this year. I was about to go out and buy some plastic eggs to fill with baby snacks and scatter them in the backyard for Mars to find, but it was rainy all morning  so we just cozied up in pajamas for most of the morning. It's not too late though. We might still do it tomorrow, there's still time.

Some milestone updates:

He started mimicking sounds and repeating the things we say. When I buckle him into his car seat, I say, "Click click!", and he tries to say it too.

He can recognize songs and knows what hand motions to use for the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and the "Baby Bumblebee" song without any prompts. He also knows when the Jack-in-the-Box will pop out during "Pop Goes the Weasel", and will put his hand over the box right before so it's less scary.

He's been exploring a lot by putting objects into cups, boxes, or baskets. He likes to fill up a bucket with toys and then take them out one by one, and then fill it up again. Or likes to put little passengers, sometimes feathers from the pillows or legos, into the seats on his Boogie Bus.

His favorite books are, "Alphabet" and "Tails" by Matthew Van Fleet. They're tactile books with different pop-up features. We used to take his hand and run it over the different textures in the book, but now he takes our hands and makes us feel the stickiness of the octopus or the bumpy alligator scales.

I hope everyone had a good holiday :)

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