Five Favorites: 3-6 Months


Last week, I shared some of my newborn favorites; five items that were too specific to be on the usual newborn checklists. This week, I'm bringing you five more items for babies 3-6 months. These are things that I've personally shopped around for, tested, and completely recommend. For example, when Mars' scratch mittens started to get stinky and gross, I knew it was time to start cutting his little fingernails. I tried two different nail clippers but just never felt completely confident with what I was doing until I got these light-up ones! They made cutting his nails a breeze and I make sure to include it in every baby shower gift that I give! These nail clippers, and other items with similar stories, are on this week's Five Favorites:

I love these!

These little board books are perfect for babies just learning to hold things, as they are not too heavy or big.

The long arms and legs on this pirate pig makes it easy for babies to grab. It was one of the first toys Mars learned to hold.

For the little music maker.

5. teether
This teether kept my little teether's gums busy and happy.

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