5 Favorites: Books for Babies 3-6 Months Old


Last week I wrote about my fondness for introducing books to babies as young as 0 months. If you missed it, you can click here! This week, as promised (although a couple days late, sorry!), I gathered five of my favorite books for babies 3-6 months. That amazing time when they're teething, learning how to grasp, and loving music and rhythm! The last three can double as awesome stroller entertainment if you tether them using something like this. Enjoy!

This was the most amazing thing to my son around 3-6 months! He couldn't figure out how this little bunny was moving around in his book and it was adorable :)

This is a lot of fun because babies around 3-6 months start to like chants and songs!

And of course I wanted to include a few soft books since this is the time when they start learning how to grasp and touch.

Tails sticking out of a book for  your curious little one to grab!

I love this soft version of the classic. It even comes with a teether for those teething babies!

Happy Friday!


Mars is 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day old!

Now that he's walking, he is exploring every possible nook and cranny. As you can see from these pictures, he's at a different spot and doing different things all the time! The pictures are from last week, when we went to celebrate Ivan's first birthday up in Gold River. The drive was two hours each way, and Mars did really well. He slept 30 minutes each way, and just played the rest of the time. I was really surprised! Well, actually, on the way back, he got really restless so I had to put on some Netflix for him, but it ended up being a good thing because he learned how to do deep breathing in frustrating situations! We got home, and he was super antsy for milk, then I sang the song from the episode of Daniel Tiger he was watching, and he started to take deep breaths and calmed down! Thanks, Daniel Tiger! Anyway, the party was so much fun! Baby Ivan is so cute and his parents are super sweet. His dad even went out and bought an inflatable pool for the babies since they were so drawn to the real pool, which was freaking out all the parents! The weather was hot, and it was the perfect day for outdoor water play :) 

On 35mm: Bits and Pieces


 Fuji Superia 200 Film

These are just some photos I snapped while on a walk with a friend and the baby. I'm getting tired of this film (it comes in a 4-pack!). I can't wait to post more pictures from the new film that I got. Might be a while, though, or at least until I find a photo processing place that I like over here (we're out of town!). 

Happy Friday!


Mars is 1 year, 3 months, 1 week, and 1 day old!

Lately, Mars has been toddling around the house and discovering new areas to play in. He likes walking down the hallway and making a U-turn through the dining room,  and then stopping under the dining table before coming back to the living room. His latest obsession is the toilet and garbage can so we make sure to watch him really closely whenever he's around those things. Eating and sleeping has been a small challenge lately, as he would much rather do things his way... We are working on this as well. His favorite words to say are, "uh oh", "wo wo" (dog), and "da?" (daddy). J says that I don't give him enough chances to say "mama" because I'm always with him and he's right. But the other day, I went upstairs to do something and when I came back down, he was at the base of the stairs waiting for me. When I picked him up, he looked at me, smiled, wrapped his little arms around my neck and said, "mama!" as he kicked his feet in joy, and my heart just melted. His little smiles and hugs and these little moments are the best parts of motherhood.

This weekend, we're taking a two-hour drive up to Gold River to see some friends. I bought a travel-sized magnetic drawing board to help keep Mars sane. I hope it works! Have a great long weekend, and Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

5 Favorites: Books for a Newborn


As a former teacher, and soon to be preschool director, I am a firm believer in fostering a love for books at the earliest age possible. You may be thinking it's kind of extreme to push books on a newborn, but the trick is to see it from a different perspective. You're not trying to make newborn read, rather, you are entertaining them with visual and auditory stimulation, and letting them know that books can be fun! Many new parents are unsure about what to do with a newborn, well, you can look at books with them! However, it's very important that you don't overstimulate them with books that they're not ready for. This is a list of mine (and Mars') five favorite, high-contrast, books from his earliest months. Enjoy!

1. Hello, Bugs!
A super cute book with colored foil accents and sound effects that you can make for baby.

2. Look, Look!
Beautiful black and white images with red accents to capture baby's attention.

3. Art for Baby
How cool is this one? It features works of art in black and white for baby!

4. What Does Baby See?
Nice big silhouettes of animals for baby to track and observe.

5. Black & White
Fun shapes that you can point out and name to your baby.

Stay tuned next week! I'll be recommending books for 3-6 monthers!

On 35mm: Midcentury Modern Homes


I like taking pictures in this neighborhood on weekday mornings when there are no cars to indicate what decade we're in. 

Also, is anyone else really sad that Mad Men is over? 

Fuji Superia 200 Film

Happy Friday!


Mars is 1 year, 3 months, and 1 day old!

Here are some pictures from when we went to the baby gym this past week. It's in a community center with the cutest midcentury modern buildings.

At the gym, Mars loves to chase the balls. Now that he can walk, it's even more fun for him.

Happy weekend!

Good Things: Essential Oils from Today Is My Favorite


Today Is My Favorite is a blog that I really enjoy reading. Nicole and her family are ultra cute and her recipe for gluten-free asiago spinach stuffed chicken is something that not only looks amazing, but is toddler friendly, AND BONUS: husband friendly too (he doesn't eat gluten)! When an opportunity came up for us to collaborate, I was super excited and jumped at the chance. 

I've always wanted to try essential oils for various health and wellness concerns. I've read that essential oils is a good alternative for drugs and medicine, and can help with things from skin concerns to headaches and more. One issue we have in this family is seasonal allergies. Rather than enjoying the sunshine on a sunny Spring day, we often find ourselves stuffy and sneezy. Instead of using allergy medication, I wanted to give essential oils a try, so Nicole premixed lemon, peppermint, and lavender essential oils for us in an allergy trio. When I opened the bottle to smell it, I felt like the minty-ness lingered in my nose and opened up my nasal passages immediately. Every time I inhaled, it felt like my nose was less stuffy. Nicole suggested that I could mix the oils with a bit of coconut oil and apply it topically to the sinus areas, so I did just that before heading out yesterday, and the effect was similar to my initial sniff, only times a hundred! It may not have completely unstuffed my nose, but having that minty feeling linger all day definitely made it easier and more pleasant to breathe. 

Nicole was also nice enough to include a vial of lavender essential oil for restful sleep, and it smells amazing. I put some on my pillow right before bed and while I was nursing Mars, I felt relaxed and really enjoyed having the scent nearby. By adding a scent to the atmosphere was like adding something extra for the senses, and was a really nice way to end a long day.

After my positive experience with using these two oils, I got curious and poked around the web to find out more about essential oils. After a google search, I found that there's a whole world of essential oils that I am just learning about. If you are curious as well, I'd suggest going to Nicole's site  here, because I really liked her answer for, "What are essential oils?". She also has really great deals and awesome looking sets for beginners to try, including one for kids! 

Have you tried essential oils? Feel free to comment below to share your positive experiences! I'd love to hear more from you :)

(Allergy Trio and Lavender Essential Oils samples c/o of Nicole, but all opinions are my own :)
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Happy Friday!


Mars is 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days old! 

Last night, I set his diaper out and he positioned himself over it and laid down for me to change him! It was hilarious! Also, like I mentioned earlier this week, he is an official walker! He is walking around everywhere and having so much fun with it. He even wore out the stitching on his pre-walker shoes so we picked up some real walking shoes for him. 

I've been feeling exhausted today so that's all I'm gonna post for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

5 Favorites: 12- 18 Months


12-18 months is such a fun time! We're actually in this phase right now and there is so much happening. Mars is officially walking!!! Meaning that he is taking more than just a few steps on the rug at home, he is walking everywhere! At the park, at the mall, in Ikea! It's so much fun and shopping for him now is even more fun because we can add walking shoes and other walking accessories in the mix!

1. roll-up bib
Meals are starting to get super messy! This bib catches all the food that doesn't make it into Mars' mouth.

2. soft walker shoes
These are similar to the ones we got this past weekend. They're approved by the APMA, the tips are protected from tippy-toe walking, and they're SUPER soft and flexible!

3. stacking and nesting bowls
To help further develop those balance and motor skills.

4. pusher toy
We got this as a gift and Mars loves it even more now that he's walking!

5. ride-on mouse
He can get on and off this thing by himself now!

Check out my other lists below!
9-12 month favorites
6-9 month favorites


Good Things: 35mm Film from Curating Cuteness


I was super excited to get some new film in the mail from Curating Cuteness' Katie. I'm on a bit of a mini journey (or however big a journey I can have at the moment) of rediscovering film photography, as some of you might have noticed from my On 35mm posts on Mondays. 

Curating Cuteness is a blog that I enjoy reading. Not only is it all about film photography, but it's also based in Taipei, where I spent a big chunk of my 20's. Every time I see her beautiful photographs, I feel super nostalgic and bust a Liz Lemon. I WANT TO GO TO THERE. 

This is the Analogue Beginner's Film Kit from her shop + a roll of Fujicolor Industrial 100, that's only sold in Japan. I can't wait to try them out! If you're curious about different types of film, check out Katie's 35mm film guide, but be warned, if you love film, please expect to be glued to your current position for a good amount of time since her list is pretty comprehensive. Enjoy!

(This is NOT a sponsored post, I just really like what Katie is doing over on her blog!)

On 35mm: Dolores Park Picnic


About a month ago, we celebrated one of my best friend's birthday by going on a picnic at Dolores Park. The weather kept changing from sunny to gloomy, but we're just glad it didn't start raining like it did earlier in the day.

We decided to BART to the park from our place but ended up having to make a huge detour because the train had to be evacuated. We were pretty much stranded with a baby and no car seat, but thankfully we found a Muni line that ran from where we were straight to the top of the park! When we got there, there were sandwiches waiting for us and all was well :)

This genius was selling rum in fresh coconuts!

Fuji Superia 200 Film

Happy Friday!


Mars is 1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days old!

We're encouraging him to walk more so he's been doing lots of practicing and getting better day by day! 

He's starting to have small fits of frustration and or anger... It feels like the terrible twos are coming a bit early. 

I'm teaching him more sign language and he's at the age where he's picking it up really fast!

He acts like a big boy and tries to do big boy things, but really, he's still such a little baby :) 

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