5 Favorites: 12- 18 Months


12-18 months is such a fun time! We're actually in this phase right now and there is so much happening. Mars is officially walking!!! Meaning that he is taking more than just a few steps on the rug at home, he is walking everywhere! At the park, at the mall, in Ikea! It's so much fun and shopping for him now is even more fun because we can add walking shoes and other walking accessories in the mix!

1. roll-up bib
Meals are starting to get super messy! This bib catches all the food that doesn't make it into Mars' mouth.

2. soft walker shoes
These are similar to the ones we got this past weekend. They're approved by the APMA, the tips are protected from tippy-toe walking, and they're SUPER soft and flexible!

3. stacking and nesting bowls
To help further develop those balance and motor skills.

4. pusher toy
We got this as a gift and Mars loves it even more now that he's walking!

5. ride-on mouse
He can get on and off this thing by himself now!

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