5 Favorites: Books for Babies 3-6 Months Old


Last week I wrote about my fondness for introducing books to babies as young as 0 months. If you missed it, you can click here! This week, as promised (although a couple days late, sorry!), I gathered five of my favorite books for babies 3-6 months. That amazing time when they're teething, learning how to grasp, and loving music and rhythm! The last three can double as awesome stroller entertainment if you tether them using something like this. Enjoy!

This was the most amazing thing to my son around 3-6 months! He couldn't figure out how this little bunny was moving around in his book and it was adorable :)

This is a lot of fun because babies around 3-6 months start to like chants and songs!

And of course I wanted to include a few soft books since this is the time when they start learning how to grasp and touch.

Tails sticking out of a book for  your curious little one to grab!

I love this soft version of the classic. It even comes with a teether for those teething babies!

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