5 Favorites: Books for a Newborn


As a former teacher, and soon to be preschool director, I am a firm believer in fostering a love for books at the earliest age possible. You may be thinking it's kind of extreme to push books on a newborn, but the trick is to see it from a different perspective. You're not trying to make newborn read, rather, you are entertaining them with visual and auditory stimulation, and letting them know that books can be fun! Many new parents are unsure about what to do with a newborn, well, you can look at books with them! However, it's very important that you don't overstimulate them with books that they're not ready for. This is a list of mine (and Mars') five favorite, high-contrast, books from his earliest months. Enjoy!

1. Hello, Bugs!
A super cute book with colored foil accents and sound effects that you can make for baby.

2. Look, Look!
Beautiful black and white images with red accents to capture baby's attention.

3. Art for Baby
How cool is this one? It features works of art in black and white for baby!

4. What Does Baby See?
Nice big silhouettes of animals for baby to track and observe.

5. Black & White
Fun shapes that you can point out and name to your baby.

Stay tuned next week! I'll be recommending books for 3-6 monthers!

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