Good Things: 35mm Film from Curating Cuteness


I was super excited to get some new film in the mail from Curating Cuteness' Katie. I'm on a bit of a mini journey (or however big a journey I can have at the moment) of rediscovering film photography, as some of you might have noticed from my On 35mm posts on Mondays. 

Curating Cuteness is a blog that I enjoy reading. Not only is it all about film photography, but it's also based in Taipei, where I spent a big chunk of my 20's. Every time I see her beautiful photographs, I feel super nostalgic and bust a Liz Lemon. I WANT TO GO TO THERE. 

This is the Analogue Beginner's Film Kit from her shop + a roll of Fujicolor Industrial 100, that's only sold in Japan. I can't wait to try them out! If you're curious about different types of film, check out Katie's 35mm film guide, but be warned, if you love film, please expect to be glued to your current position for a good amount of time since her list is pretty comprehensive. Enjoy!

(This is NOT a sponsored post, I just really like what Katie is doing over on her blog!)


  1. Katie is 100% what got me into blogging in the first place. She was the inspiration for me to start shooting film again and I fell in love, started a blog, and two years later am still loving it. Unfortunately its really hard to get film developed here anymore, and its quite expensive, but I still love shooting film the most. So excited to see what you do with these!

    1. Hi Jessica!

      That's so cool to hear! Katie really is a great inspiration for those interested in film photography! As for film processing, have you tried the mail-in services? I've been looking into those as well, if you have any experience with that, let me know! Thanks for stopping by!



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