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Today Is My Favorite is a blog that I really enjoy reading. Nicole and her family are ultra cute and her recipe for gluten-free asiago spinach stuffed chicken is something that not only looks amazing, but is toddler friendly, AND BONUS: husband friendly too (he doesn't eat gluten)! When an opportunity came up for us to collaborate, I was super excited and jumped at the chance. 

I've always wanted to try essential oils for various health and wellness concerns. I've read that essential oils is a good alternative for drugs and medicine, and can help with things from skin concerns to headaches and more. One issue we have in this family is seasonal allergies. Rather than enjoying the sunshine on a sunny Spring day, we often find ourselves stuffy and sneezy. Instead of using allergy medication, I wanted to give essential oils a try, so Nicole premixed lemon, peppermint, and lavender essential oils for us in an allergy trio. When I opened the bottle to smell it, I felt like the minty-ness lingered in my nose and opened up my nasal passages immediately. Every time I inhaled, it felt like my nose was less stuffy. Nicole suggested that I could mix the oils with a bit of coconut oil and apply it topically to the sinus areas, so I did just that before heading out yesterday, and the effect was similar to my initial sniff, only times a hundred! It may not have completely unstuffed my nose, but having that minty feeling linger all day definitely made it easier and more pleasant to breathe. 

Nicole was also nice enough to include a vial of lavender essential oil for restful sleep, and it smells amazing. I put some on my pillow right before bed and while I was nursing Mars, I felt relaxed and really enjoyed having the scent nearby. By adding a scent to the atmosphere was like adding something extra for the senses, and was a really nice way to end a long day.

After my positive experience with using these two oils, I got curious and poked around the web to find out more about essential oils. After a google search, I found that there's a whole world of essential oils that I am just learning about. If you are curious as well, I'd suggest going to Nicole's site  here, because I really liked her answer for, "What are essential oils?". She also has really great deals and awesome looking sets for beginners to try, including one for kids! 

Have you tried essential oils? Feel free to comment below to share your positive experiences! I'd love to hear more from you :)

(Allergy Trio and Lavender Essential Oils samples c/o of Nicole, but all opinions are my own :)
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