5 Favorites: Books for Babies 6-9 Months Old


Hi everyone! I'm back this week to recommend some of Mars' favorite books when was around the 6-9 month stage. This was such a fun time for us because he was getting better with his fine motor skills and starting to learn how to turn the pages in his board books. He also loved books that were tactile, so he absolutely loved feeling all the different textures in his feely books!

A super cute sensory book introducing basic first words to baby.

This is a lift-the-flap book that Mars loved playing peek-a-boo with!

This was the time we started teaching Mars baby sign language and this book was a helpful reinforcer of the signs we'd learn during the day.

This is a classic book that I think every baby should have! Not only is it fun and tactile, but the book is bound using a plastic comb, which I find is a nice change for babies to be exposed to.

These are some of my favorite books! They are pocket-sized, which means they travel easy and are good for small hands. They are also very basic and easy for babies to understand. My husband thinks the drawings are "creepy", but I think Diaper David is so cute! He causes mischief (much like his older self in the "No, David!" series, but the last page always has him doing something sweet, and it just reminds me of my little guy!

Check out my other baby book recommendations below! Enjoy!

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