5 Favorites: Books for Babies 9-12 Months Old


Here are my picks for our top five favorite books for babies 9-12 months! I started this series a few weeks ago because a lot of parents I know are unsure of what books are appropriate for their babies at different developmental stages. As a teacher, I've always emphasized how important it is to foster a love for reading at a young age, so that's how I came up with doing these! I hope you've found it helpful, as this will be the last one in the series! I figured by one year, babies are more responsive and it's easier to figure out what books he/she likes or don't like. If you've missed any of the previous posts, you can click the links below! I've had fun putting these together, I hope you've enjoyed them as well!

This was a Christmas gift and by February, Mars had already destroyed it! He LOVES the pop-ups and movable parts so much that he just couldn't help himself! Bonus: you can sing it too!

Mars loves pushing the buttons that accompany each page in this book! He even started mimicking the sounds!

These are silly little books that are fun and can keep (almost always, I said ALMOST!) the attention of a 9-12 month-er. 

We actually don't have this exact one, but I can't find our version on the web. It's essentially the same thing, except ours has a bunny and doesn't have the "say a prayer" page. Anyway, this book is so much fun! Mars LOVES to brush the little bunny's (in the link it's a bear) teeth, give him a bath, and put on his PJs. The best part, is when he makes the mama lean in for a kiss on the last page! 

Hands down, this is Mars' absolute FAVORITE book of all time! It was from his Uncle as a birthday gift, and since then, we don't go a night without reading it. We started off by putting his hands on all the fuzzy tactile parts, but now, he flips through the pages himself and touches everything that can be touched, and pulls on any levers that can be pulled. He loves this books so much, that we ended up buying Tails, a book by the same author. 

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