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I'm pretty obsessed with baby products. There's something so satisfying about a high-quality item that is well designed and so functional at the same time. When The Kupp reached out to us, I was beyond excited to try it out because it's exactly the type of baby item that I like to have for Mars.

It's eco-friendly and made of food-grade silicone and glass. Yes, it's BPA-free, lead-free, cadmium-free; completely 100% toxin-free and all that good stuff. Check 

It's designed by a mom who has three kids and knew what she needed in a cup so it's mom and kid approved. Check 

It's easy for small hands to hold and Mars loves drinking from it and playing with it. Check 

I gave Mars some milk in the green Kupp this morning and he absolutely loved it. He has been copying everything that we do, so drinking out of a cup definitely made him feel independent like a big boy. He knows to tilt his chin up when drinking from glasses... but still learning how much to tilt exactly. Because of this, there was milk everywhere... but it's ok, we only cry over spilt breastmilk.

I'll be honest... There were moments when I felt super nervous about him dropping and shattering the glass. He drank from it and then tried to dangle it from his high-chair. It's his new favorite game...dangling things from the high-chair. Soon, it happened. He dropped it on the floor, but the Kupp landed on its side and didn't break! That was a huge relief. 

Overall, I really like the Kupp and love the materials that it's made of. It feels and looks so much better than plastic! I also think it's a fantastic way to teach kids how to be careful and independent. If you don't want to clean up spills, then it might be too advanced for a toddler that's Mars' age. Plus, I would hate to see what would happen if he dropped it and it landed on it's top and not on the protected silicone sides! For now, I'm going to put it away in a safe place, but once Mars gets over his dangling-over-the-highchair phase, I will definitely bring it back out and even buy more in all the other cute colors they offer. 

What other baby cups have you tried and loved? Feel free to comment below to share your positive experiences! I'd love to hear more from you :)

(Green Eco Kupp c/o of The Kupp, but all opinions are my own :)
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  1. Thank you for the great review! Yes, Kupp' is typically for a child 3 years and older to help them transition out of the plastic sippy gear, but more and more I'm seeing younger children use them - definitely a parental decision. Your pictures are beautiful and the review was wonderfully honest. Thank again - Kate from Kupp'


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