Zoomars Petting Zoo


I've been pretty MIA these days over here on the blog. We are visiting my family in Southern California, I'm taking Early Childhood Education classes online, and we just had a busy weekend for my niece's 5th birthday. Today is our last day here, though, so I'll be back and with some fun things to share (spoiler alert: The Kupp is waiting for us at home and I can't wait to try it out and let you guys know how it goes!).

My niece's party was so much fun. It was at the cutest petting zoo and Mars had such a wonderful time petting the guinea pigs and feeding the llamas! 

My sister topped a plain cake with Sheriff Callie toys from blind bags. Genius!

I made this sign for photos but strangely, the kids weren't into it. Mars liked it though!

The guinea pig pen was the best! It was away from the hot sun, and Mars had so much fun petting and feeding them.

It was such a cute space for a party.

The little cousins as sheriffs.

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