What Are You Wearing? 1


Ever since being pregnant, and having a baby, and going through the whole baby weight thing, I've been in a major FUNK when it comes to my wardrobe. About a year ago, I tried to start a capsule wardrobe, hoping it'd help, but nope. I noticed that I'd gravitate towards t-shirts and leggings no matter what clothes I had carefully curated in my closet. Then the other day, I just had enough. I don't want to be a frumpy mama anymore! But how? I don't know. So that's why I'm starting this series on what I'm wearing. It'll give me a reason to dress less frumpy and if you are in the same funk as I am, maybe it'll impart a teeny bit of inspiration as well. Not only that, but I want to know what you are wearing too if you don't mind giving me some ideas as well! So here's what I'm wearing. Get in touch and let me know...What are you wearing? ;)

dress / forever 21
bag / alexander wang (no longer available)

Note: I'm not including any affiliate links because I'm not trying to make commission or anything. This series is strictly for the development of my own personal un-frumpiness. Also, I've never liked taking photos of myself, so I also see this as a way for me to just suck it up and be happy to be me :) 


  1. I agree, no frumpy mamas! We're way too young to be classified as that. I have been into midi and shirt dresses lately. As a mother, I prefer clothing that's a little looser, comfy and more forgiving; I have recently purged my closet of all items that were too tight and too short. Please continue this series, I'd love to see what outfits you come up with!


    1. Hi Chanelle! Thank you so much, you are so sweet! Shirt dresses are so much fun and they get bonus points for being nursing friendly! Also, I completely agree with you on being comfy!! So important when we're chasing kids, picking up dropped toys, etc!! And what a good idea on purging the too tight and too short!! I'll need to do that as well! Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it :)



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